We are pleased to announce that the next edition, XXV Fluid Mechanics Conference will be held at the Rzeszów University of Technology, Poland, on September 7-9, 2022.

website link: https://fmc2022.prz.edu.pl/

It is the great regret to announce that the 24th Fluid Mechanics Conference (KKMP2020) scheduled for July 1-3, 2020, Rzeszow, Poland, will not take place.

COVID-19 has become the global health risk.

Due to issues related to the purpose of prevention and control of the COVID-19, as well as to protect the health and safety of all participants of the KKMP2020, after long discussions, we decided with a broken heart to cancel the conference.

Thank you to all Invited Lecturers (7), Participants ( 150) Authors of abstracts (110), the Reviewers (20), Sponsors (7), Patronagues (4) and everyone who has worked hard on success of this planned event.

On behalf of the XXIV Fluid Mechanics Conference Committees,

Yours sincerely,
Anna Kucaba-Pietal